The Oracle

Blue Reverie

Noble Are The Dreams

The Three Graces

In her large drawing “The Three Graces”, Agnes Poitevin-Navarre bridges mythologies, stories and archetypes of the old […]

Colour Coding Obama

Le Fil d’Ariane

[Artist’ hair embroidered on metis linen in double-sided frame, 2011, 0.50m x 0,50m] Embroidered diagrams locating the […]

Colour Coding series

“Colour Coding Julien & Jasper – The Age of Innocence” [Diptych – eight colour inkjet prints on […]


[found photographs and Letraset, size variable, 2006] The Filters series deals with the space in-between black and […]

Fellow Artists/Fellow Muses

[engraved wood, glass, paintbrush handles, artist’s hair locks, 2010, 1.40m x 0.60m] Echoing the glorious panels of […]

Tour de Controle

This animation of the artist orbiting on a 360 degree revolution, seen through filters of colours problematises […]

Twelve Degrees of Integration

[colour inkjet Duratran print encased in lightbox, 2002-2004, 1.50m x 1m] This piece is an elaborate visual […]


[installation and photographs, 2008, height 1.52 m/5 ft, width variable] This installation of life-size silhouettes relates to […]

Banana Wigs series

The Reader

[photograph/photogram, 2007, size variable] Codified portrait of a student based on the philosophy that one educates ‘the Head, […]

Murmurs painting series

Proustian Map series

“The Proustian Map of London”, a 6m x 4 m wallpaper installation, was exhibited at the Royal […]

The Knowledge – Land of Wisdom and Land of Achievement

[inkjet print on paper, 2006-10, 1m x 1m, diptych] For this piece, the artist involved Londoners to […]

Toulouse Diaries 1993

Toulouse Diaries 1993 Diary scores in wooden box These visual diaries record in twelve pages a three […]

Eye contact Double Video projection 1997

In this double video projection the artist records a journey on the train. A bunch of artists […]

Mururoa Song 1995-1996

score printed on paper and sound on tape This work references the nuclear tests that took place […]

Telephone Installation 1996

Two old fashioned phones are perched on plinths during the Bound show at Commercial Two Gallery, London, […]

Fractions & Equivalences Blackboard

Chalk [1m X 2m] Blood lines have justified wealth and status within the aristocratic circles whilst segregating […]